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About us:

TL;DR We build products which saves time.

We are a bunch of wizards and our wizardry is science. We don’t remain taking content in our magical world but thrive to put our wizardry to best use and bring magical products to our customers.  We are constantly exploring the realms of technology to create  a life altering experience through our services. So often we are building products which saves time, pushing ourselves to think outside this dimension and so it’s suffice to say that we at Timebender are magicians if time is an illusion.

We have built lifestyle augmenting products over the years, read our story – https://timebender.in/story/ .

About our founder :

Abishek Muthian, our founder was born with a passion for science & technology with bluetooth headset in one ear like karna with kevlar. He has served in the field of  operating systems, Information security, networking and smartphone ecosystem since it’s infancy under top players of the industry. With years of experience as independent researcher working for tiger teams of renowned corporations, he and like minded technocrats with bunch of caffeine addicts have grouped together at Timebender Technologies.

He currently serves as our Managing Director and still likes to get down and dirty with the code & circuits when time permits and of course when other’s allow him!