Information sharing has come a long way since our distant ancestor’s parietal art several thousand years ago to the latest voice invoked messaging found in most if not all modern smartphones.

Extraordinary efforts has been conducted over past several decades to improve the rate of transfer of the information & in making the information interactive ; but there’s much room left to improve the quality of the information sharing experience.

Me, on behalf of  Timebender Technologies introduce Talk about News platform  –  A revolutionary news reading and sharing platform for end users & enterprise alike which addresses this vacuum.

Talk about News is an intuitive patent-pending platform aimed at improving the way publishers publish their content & readers share content with each other.

Publishers can publish their content to their mobile apps with Talk about News engine. Readers can choose the categories in the order they need, according to their interest. Once our chosen content is delivered, if the readers choose to share the content with others – they can do so now with their voice !

Users can share the original content along with their voice as a curated message where as the receiver receives the original content and can read through it while listening to reader’s opinion on the content (or) the user can share the content to a contact via a voice call.

No, Talk about News platform is not just another chat app or a chat app for News; Talk about News an unique platform which takes content delivery and content sharing experience to the next level.

So, why just share when we can Talk about it ! after all “information is best when the receiver gets it just the way we intended “.

Talk about News app showcasing Talk about News platform is now available for download in Playstore & Appstore @


Information is best when the receiver gets it just the way we intended