I know, you think I’m just going to do what it takes to promote larynx (http://larynx.io) – The app which lets you share any web content along with your voice using any existing apps on your mobile; yes you are right but I’m not going to say why you need larynx but why I needed something like larynx as a user in first place.

Well, I was just plain bored of how menial & ‘no-fun’ content sharing has become, depending upon your social life you share upto dozens of web content over chat apps & social network apps each day and yet though huge strides were made in the rate of information sharing but no real improvement were made to improve content sharing experience.

When we share a content to someone , we expect them to experience the content in the way we intended. Well, it’s just not possible with plain old text/link sharing as in that; when the person at the other  end click the link it’s going to lead them directly to the content leaving your intended reason to share and your opinion about the particular content to pure chance to be received as it is.

Well, Timebender’s don’t like to leave the problems which we could address to a mere chance after all we’re Time-benders and hence, born from the foundries of Timebender Technologies – larynx.

larynx lets you to share content along with your voice with expression, modulation and in vivid detail. The receiver can read through the entire web content just like before, but this time he can really experience in the way you intended him to experience. The best part being, if the receiver did not have the larynx app installed he can still experience the above in a minimalistic web app and the fully featured mobile app is just a click away.

Break language barriers, audio description !

When you share with your voice, you can break language limitations and inhibitions for the person at other end as they can listen to what you say about the content and just watch a gif or video in the content.

Who has time to read the entire content right ? well why should one, when you have described the entire content and the purpose of you sharing in your own voice !

High performance with privacy in mind !

Timebender’s went to an amazing extent of building a robust, high performing but at the same time small and privacy proofed app.

The android app is just 3mb and the iOS app is of reasonable size and in order to protect the user privacy, we went to the extent of even disabling the permissions being used by default/standard libraries and in the end created an app which access just your Microphone for it’s primary functionality and yeah it doesn’t even access your SD card ! Yes larynx is in fact better in terms of permissions accessed by even default apps on your smartphone !

Sharing goodies !

With better experience being provided for each share, wouldn’t you love to keep track of your shares and where do you stand w.r.t number of larynx shares by you, your friends or the entire world ? well we’ve got you covered you even there with ‘world voice sharing champion‘ .

But, with so many shares under your credit aimed at sharing information and knowledge with other – we think you need a bit more credit and hence there’s ‘voice sharing achievements‘ which unlocks a ‘larynx talisman‘ according to the number of  shares you make.

So now you know why I needed larynx and there are good reasons for you to need it as well, if so you should check out for both Android & iOS . I leave the rest for you to explore !