Time is an illusion.

said Albert Einstein, having proven that Time is not a constant through his theory of relativity. Perhaps even Einstein would agree that, Time is the biggest wealth & we humans have been trying to master techniques to save Time in every activity we perform.

We at Timebender, are in constant exploration to create utilities which helps you get most of your Time.

In the current state of Internet, information is thrown at you in the rate at which you have no means to segregate between what’s needed and what’s not. Much of your valuable time is spent on reading content over Internet which holds no value for you. What if, some one could give you a quick preview of the content from the link which you are about to click and let you decide whether you would like to proceed further. This becomes especially useful in the case of News articles & there is no limit to the number of online articles you face each day due to the advent of social networks taking the avatar of News aggregators.

We do know that there are existing apps which give you summarised form of News articles on your devices, but those solutions are limited by the human quotient in the apparatus and you cannot get your content summarised on demand.

Introducing larynxBot,


A bot which gives you audio summary.

larynxBot is a realtime bot which not only gives you text summary for the online content on demand, but also read it for you ! You get voice summary for the content, by just passing an online link to @larynxBot.

Platform agnostic ,

Be it Facebook, Twitter, Telegram (or) Slack you are covered by larynxBot, You are not forced into using a particular ecosystem just to make use of this amazing assistant who voice summarises online content for you in a jiffy. Also you can make use of your existing news aggregating platform to communicate with @larynxBot.


on Facebook Messenger,


Just message a link to your buddy @larynxBot on Facebook Messenger & get voice summary of the content in return. Now, you don’t have to read every article you see on the Facebook ever again.


larynxBot on Facebook


on Twitter,

larynxBot on Twitter

on Telegram,

larynxBot on Telegram

on Slack,

larynxBot on Slack

larynxBot uses advanced natural language processing techniques & our patent-pending voice technology to give you intuitive voice summary experience never seen (or) should I say heard before !


Do you know, larynxBot can speak in ~30 languages ! Yup, so it means you can get voice summary in ~ 30 languages. Possibly, the only bot out there with extreme linguistic skills.


And it’s just not it, the extensibility of larynxBot’s utility is limited only by user’s imagination. By combining @larynxBot with IFTTT you make use of endless solutions to make your lifestyle better, one recipe at a time.

using IFTTT,

larynxBot and IFTTT

Say, you would like to receive a voice summary for the article you saved in the Pocket (or) get voice summary of hot products on Product Hunt (or) get voice summary of posts bookmarked on Medium – you can do all that & more by just using the recipes. So , just head over to IFFT’s larynxBot page and subscribe to the created recipes. Also create recipes of your own by using any of your favourite platform supported by @larynxBot.

using larynx app,

The content generated by the @larynxBot is accessible via the larynx app installed on your Android (or) iOS device. The voice summary through the larynx app gives an immersive experience to the users and like always if you felt the need to share the original content with your own voice; you can do it via larynx app.

larynx App

Of-course, one last thing to mention – Like all good things in life; larynxBot is FREE !

larynxBot is FREE