Long queues at ATM ? Not sure which ATM has cash nearby?

ATMBot will be your friendly assistant to help you cross the hurdles of the demonetisation.

We know this has been a tough week in India with the demonetisation and unavailability of cash at the ATM’s. We congratulate the resolve of the fellow Indians. In our bid to help the citizens of the country & beyond, we are launching ATMBot – The bot which would give you the availability of cash in your nearest ATM’s. This is powered by people like you & so we request you to share and use the ATMBot.

Simplest crowd sourced solution

It’s very simple and requires just the press of two buttons to operate & use. Our intention is to save your time, as a Timebender that’s where we excel.

Step 1 : Open the bot in the messenger app – http://m.me/ATMChatBot

Step 2 : Give your location automatically.

Step 3: Enter ATM data (or) Receive ATM data.


Design Choice

We didn’t want our solution to be just another crowd sourced spread sheet or web app, where users had to enter multiple data. With manual entry of data, arises the issue of validation & redundancy; of course the process itself is tedious.

Hence we decided to go with a Bot, which offers intuitive interface with minimal entry points for the user to enter & receive data. In-fact, the user needn’t type in anywhere after an initial greeting for his choice and is fun to use.

As you probably know already, we have the capability to develop Bots for all major platforms as evident from larynxBot by using our revolutionary Bot engine & TimeBackend. So we worked overnight to build ATMBot.


Privacy has been the top priority and we took it very seriously.

1. No app, we can’t read your SMS.

2. We don’t store any user data (or) associate data.

3. Only ATM’s unique id, cash status & timestamp is stored.

4. Nothing is stored if only ATM data is retrieved.

5. Not in web, we don’t store cookies to track you.

6. User conversations can be deleted by the users themselves.

Choosing Messenger

With a Billion active users, Facebook’s messenger is a good choice for a Bot that can be scaled upto to server an user in any part of the world. As of now, ATMBot can be used to locate any ATM with cash around the world.

Depending upon the response from the general public we might release the ATMBot for Telegram, Twitter & Slack as well.

Centralised Data

Our proprietary TimeBackend, offers us the necessary middleware with high availability data storage to store & retrieve the ATM data in real time. It could support thousands of users simultaneously and can be scaled up in ease.


There has been decent adoption of ATMBot as we’ve served more than 6000 ATM requests in 48 hours. But the efficiency can be improved if more people ‘Entered ATM data’ after withdrawing cash from the ATMs. A single click can help many others in the same area. We can use the power of crowd sourcing in India if people realised that they are helping themselves by helping others.

Open source

We started this endeavour because we had complete faith in our technology as we had developed it in a robust R&D effort spanning several years and it was the only way for us to help ease this crisis at closest time possible. In order to release the ATMBot at the closest time possible, we used our proprietary Bot engine (ICR.ai), middleware & backend (TimeBackend). So the source can’t be released without affecting our livelihood. But we would be able to release the ATM data which we get through ATMBot to the community, we do not store any user data.


The system has scaled up brilliantly catering to the needs of the people and this is just the beginning. Our platform is likely the most cost-effective bot platform out there. Though we have fully exploited the notion of Indian jugaad (innovation) in our system to keep the running costs as low as possible for a system this massive, there’s still costs incurred which is wholly catered by Timebender Technologies India Pvt. Ltd. . As a bootstrapped startup this is the best we could do for the community.

When you withdraw, please click a button

Please update the ATM data in ATMBot when you retrieve cash from the ATM’s (it should take less than a minute), ask your friends & family to do the same. Share your feedbacks & remember sharing is caring.

Withdrew cash after standing in long queue? don’t let it happen for others

This post will be updated as an when interesting information comes by.

[updated : 19 Nov : 8:00 AM IST]