Gone are the times where people had to wait unceremoniously to reach a human operator via an IVR (Interactive Voice Response). With the advent of bots, customers are preferring to engage with a bot rather than having to enter cryptic digits on your phone dial-pad to reach a customer representative.

Why bots are better than IVR?


Unlike “dial a number to get engaged with our pre-defined voice messages and possibly you’ll have chance at our human operator”, bots guarantee intuitive ecosystem to start with. Bots exist in the ecosystems where your friends & family hangout – Facebook messenger, Telegram, Twitter and even web. It has never been easier to engage with your customers in an environment of their liking.


Engage with thousands of customers in real time without breaking a sweat (literally) with connected ecosystems. Be it a first time visitor to your website or an existing customer – an intelligent bot can engage with all types of customers 24×7 on demand.


Bots helps you to take your product & services international just like a website or an app, but unlike them bots can engage directly with your target audience. A conversational bot can engage customers with a language of their choice and a NLP (Natural Language Processing) capable bot can even communicate directly with human-like voice.


It costs a fraction of what traditional customer relationship management systems cost and with ROI greater than mobile applications. With advent of accessible Artificial Intelligence, a bot can do much more than other traditional CRM tools at the same time keep the running costs low. A bot can offload many menial tasks from it’s human colleagues keeping them occupied with tasks which are of essential to the revenue stream of a company.

Why ICR is better than IVR ?

Interactive Chat Response (ICR) comprises of all the goodies of the bots with state of the art Artificial Intelligence to take your business to the next level.

ICR.ai takes care of important pain points of startups & established business alike,

  • Marketing.
  • Customer acquisition.
  • Sales.
  • Customer retention.
  • Customer support.

As a startup ourselves, we worked hard to address these and found solution via what we do best – innovative technology. Bot platforms are in main stream and industry heavy weights are investing massively to create platforms where developers can build bots for products & services. We entered much early into Bots as it gave us a way to show case our work with NLP & Machine learning in an interactive way.

like larynxBot summarised online content into voice summary in 30 languages.

ATMBot helped ease the fallout of demonetisation for thousands of Indians.



Businesses can now concentrate on their revenue & let the bots powered by ICR.ai take care of marketing, acquisition, sales, retention, support for their products and services.

If you are interested in seeing ICR’s capabilities, it’s just a click away – https://m.me/ICRdotAI/