A cool, colourful, physics based arcade game with a twist !

Fun, colourful & Emotional !


As colourful, as an Arcade game can get !

Do you physics ?

For the physics geek in you !

We’ve put in our best to bring you accurate physics simulation for your science thirst and now there’s fun way for your kids to learn about Force, impulse, inertia, collision, gravity etc.

From WVGA to WQHD, Emojiball supports over 3 Million Android devices without compromising game play !

Supports 2k resolution !


One of the very first games to support latest in mobile display technology – 2K seamlessly.

Ofcourse Tablets too !


Emojiball’s dynamic physics helps it to achieve nirvana, be it 3.5” phone or 10.1” high resolution tablet.

Emojiball’s visual Jutsu !

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Coming soon to Windows Phone !