FindDate, The fastest & safest way to find a date is powered by revolutionary technology perfected over several years.

FindDate platform is available for sale, please check out our deck and reach to us.


larynxBot gives voice summary for your online content in multiple languages on leading platforms inside leading social network & chat apps like Facebook Messenger, Twitter, Telegram & Slack. Read more ..

Key Milestones :

  • Content extraction-Sumarisation-TextToSpeech within seconds.
  • 30 + languages supported.
  • Visually impaired friendly.
  • Seamless integration with larynx technology.
  • Cross-platform bot architecture powered by

larynxBot is for sale please check our deck for more information.

ICR (Interactive Chat Response) is the R&D platform for Artificial Intelligence, Machine learning, Deep learning and Data Science of Timebender Technologies.  More ...

Key Milestones :

  • Conversational UI/UX.
  • High performance realtime scalable end-to-end architecture.
  • Platform agnostic.
  • Language agnostic.
  • > Million conversations executed using powered technology. (domain) is for sale. Please contact us for more information.


With larynx you can share any web content along with your voice using patent-pending technology. An irreplaceable tool for bloggers, content marketeers & a fun way to share content for others ! Read More ... 

Key Milestones :

  • Sharing content along with voice. (patent pending)
  • Intuitive UI/UX.
  • Sharing over existing apps.
  • Leaderboard/Achievements.
  • Privacy focussed - No storage permission is used inspite of screenshot feature.
  • Synonymous usage experience over Android & iOS.
  • Web app to listen/view to shared article.

larynx is for sale please check our deck for more information.

Talk about

Talk about is a revolutionary content delivery engine for Website & Blog apps built with patent pending technology which gives intuituive exposure to content and an un paralleled information sharing experience. Read More . . .

Key Milestones :

  • > 1000 articles parsed/minute.
  • Article share via voice message (using larynx).
  • Article share during voice calls.
  • Pull Notification.
  • Notification scheduling.
  • Notification DND.
  • Automatic data saving mode.
  • Image Toggle (Data saver).
  • Reader mode (disabled in demo to avoid revenue loss to publishers).
  • Automatic Youtube playback support.
  • Article Filter.
  • Category customisation (Selection/Ordering).
  • Multiple Editions.

Talkabout platform is for sale, please contact us for more information.

Software Defined Networking

As a startup focussed in development of state of the art technologies,  we actively contributed towards Software Defined Networking (SDN) for creating robust, centralised, in-expensive networks for information super highway.


Complex physics hidden inside fun & intuitive game play. Read more about Emojiball in the project page here.

Key Milestones :

  • Accurate physics simulation using latest API's.
  • Synonymous game play on both Android & iOS.
  • Support for high resolution devices of that time.
  • Global leaderboard.
  • Social network connectivity.


Emojiball apps are for sale. Please contact us for more information.






Timebender Research

We conduct research in niche segments regularly  to keep ourselves  top of  the line in industry trends.



Artificial Intelligence